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Facilitates Decision making and
Plan the future of your company

Services of Comprehensive asset life cycle management service (infrastructure and equipment), its locations and its processes. This solution allows control and monitoring of contracts and suppliers, including service levels, equipment included, warranty times, expiration dates, alerts, associated costs, and allows the manager the possibility of planning the assets to be maintained, their traceability and that of the resources available to the organization for this purpose..


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Why choose Asset Management and Maintenance

A solution designed under process management methodology (BPM), covering the areas of asset management, service management, project management and logistics management, all supported by BIM methodology designs adaptable to any organization.


  • Management of centers and interrelated organizations
  • Control of the different production processes
  • Full traceability of all operations
  • Activity planning and monitoring
  • Total control of economic management
  • Cost savings
  • Adaptation and parameterization

Full Operability

The versatility of the MANSIS solution makes it possible to use it in any type of device

  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • PDA´s
  • Module of pda’s-warehouse
  • GPS positioning control
  • RFID positioning control
  • Integration with CAD-BIM and REVIT
  • Integration with presence control



Take control of your entire organization



  • Maintenance planning on assets improves their productivity up to 25%.
  • Supplier and Contract Management System reduces maintenance costs by as much as to 30%.
  • The correct application of preventive action protocols on assets and installations lengthens their useful life by up to 50%.
  • Obtaining timely information, in real time (operational and financial information on all assets).
Manage assets and their processes (geo-referenced location, asset file, associated contracts, guarantees, expirations, preventive asset maintenance plans)
Traceability of the asset life cycle.
Planning of maintenance and general services, which allow you to increase productivity and extend the useful life of the asset.
Identify new business opportunities (Cross/Up Selling).

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