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Benefits of digital hardware transformation

EXADATA hardware includes a complete set of scalable storage, server, and engineering systems that enable companies to optimize application and database performance, protect critical data, and reduce costs. IT managers accelerate digital transformations with automated operations and exclusive features that improve database performance, reduce software license costs, and simplify administration.


solusoft exadata x8 06Best Oracle Database Platform

Oracle Exadata is a full-stack solution that improves the performance, scale, security, and availability of an enterprise's Oracle databases. It incorporates more than 60 unique features, such as the SQL Smart Scan download, which were designed in conjunction with Oracle Database to accelerate machine learning, analytics, and OLTP applications. Exadata also reduces capital costs and administration expenses by allowing IT departments to consolidate hundreds of databases on a single system. Enterprises can deploy Exadata on premises, on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or as a Cloud @ Customer solution, and use Autonomous Database to simplify and accelerate digital transformations.

  • Integrated full-stack solution reduces integration requirements
  • High availability hardware and software maximize database uptime
  • 144X scalability, from 48 to 6912 CPU cores, enables database consolidation across the enterprise
  • Oracle Cloud and On-premises Options Simplify Digital Transformations
  • Smart storage increases database performance and controls costs
  • <19 microseconds SQL read latency improves OLTP responsiveness
  • Up to 16 million SQL IOPS increase the performance of consolidated workloads
  • SQL throughput of up to 560GB / s speeds up data-intensive applications

Pre-built and optimized for mission-critical business workloads

Oracle Engineered Systems are full-stack integrated solutions that are built with Oracle's database and applications to run mission-critical customer workloads faster, at lower costs, and with greater security than multi-on-premises solutions. suppliers. Scalable designs allow companies to consolidate existing IT infrastructure and quickly adjust to sudden increases in demand, while management automation reduces administrative workloads and helps control costs.

  • Complete solutions eliminate multi-vendor infrastructure integration
  • Quarterly full stack patching reduces patching workload by over 80% 
  • Automation reduces IT staff management workloads by up to 61%, as shown in IDC's Oracle Database Appliance report
  • Reliable edge devices reduce downtime in remote locations by up to 99% as described by IDC
  • Cloud Data Protection and Migration Capabilities Simplify Your Digital Transformation
  • Incremental scaling easily supports growing application and database requirements.
  • Reliable partition licensing reduces software costs by up to 85%
  • Continuous Protection for Critical Oracle Databases

Secure application infrastructure

Oracle x86 and SPARC servers run enterprise applications in local data centers and edge environments with high performance, security, reliability, and efficiency. Enterprise Java, Oracle Database, and application workloads run at peak performance and with efficient virtualization, while the inclusion of the operating system and virtualization software at no additional charge reduces total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Entry-level to high-end servers for scale-out, scale-up and edge deployments
  • SPARC Servers Meet Business Needs for Cost-Effective, Reliable UNIX Solutions
  • Oracle Linux or Oracle Solaris and Oracle VM are included at no cost with every Oracle x86 server
  • Proven Solaris Operating System Ensures Existing SPARC / Solaris Applications Will Run in the Future
  • Redundant designs with hot-swappable components increase availability of Oracle database and applications
  • Built-in encryption, application memory protection, and compliance auditing enhance data and system security
  • Oracle Solaris and Multiple Forms of Virtualization Included Free with Every Oracle SPARC Server

Data protection and optimized unified storage

Oracle storage offers high performance, capacity, and availability, while lowering TCO for active and archive storage. It supports all applications and data types, while protecting crucial data from cyberattacks and crashes. It also integrates unique features that improve the performance and efficiency of Oracle Database and protect data in Oracle Cloud.

  • Unified file, block, and object storage meets customers' active storage needs
  • Up to 8PB of all-flash storage for latency-sensitive applications
  • Up to 18GB / sec throughput accelerates storage and data protection workloads
  • IO prioritization optimizes Oracle database storage performance
  • Data Protection Solutions with Unique Oracle Database Integrations Accelerate Recovery of Critical Information
  • Tape automation reduces file management cost by up to 95% (PDF) according to ESG reduce el costo de administración de archivos hasta en un 95% (PDF)según ESG
  • Up to 108 PB of uncompressed storage capacity for archival data
  • Up to 148TB / hour of performance speeds file access and offline storage
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